Masochism is a realated with the BDSM play or SM play because this are method for punishment with enjoyment any partner, Masochism is behaviour of men or women in which someone gets sexual pleasure from their own pain, it's not mean that the tendency towards masochism is however always linked with elements of sadism in large amount. Masochism is the enjoyment of pain by the help of some human's activity or some sex toy(Rope, bondage toys, handcuffs, spankers, ticklers, etc). Masochism refers to the enjoyment of experiencing pain, so you can feel a surtain amount of the pain with the pleasure.

Mostly we can found that, there is one word also use with the masochism, that is sadisum both are indicate men or women for more enjoyment and pleasure, if you can encountered in connection with one another these two word, they have been combined into a single word, sadomasochism.

You should never think that, the masochism is a harmful on the body, It is meths, masochism is a painful activity on the genital areas or other body part, don’t take it’s harder because pain provide complate satisfaction with the body use.

Sexual Masochism Disorder

Sexual Masochism Disorder

Sexual masochism disorder falls within the category of psychiatric which involve sexually arousing fantasies, recurrent, intense, urges, or behaviors, These behaviors that is disabling and they can cause harm to oneself with another ways. Sexual masochism about being bound, humiliated and suffering also ,resulting in sexual satisfaction. If people may be diagnosed with sexual masochism disorder with this sexual preference of social problems as a result, Many experience include in sexual masochism such as guilt, shame, severe anxiety, and obsessive thoughts about engaging, this experiences are known sexual activities for everyone.

Sexual masochism in BDSM is called asphyxiophilia, in which a person receives sexual satisfaction by having their breathing restricted, it can be happen with the partners or they are alone, some time is very harmful because accidental death may happen as a result. Sexually masochistic happen in early adulthood, and sometimes begins with masochistic in childhood.


Symptoms of the sexual masochism are a person experience recurrent and intense sexual humiliated, bound, or from some other form of suffering. We known that the effect of the sexual masochism are very bad on the body as well as ocial, occupational, or other important areas in life and also can be present for at least six months.

In the BDSM , Pornography involving the act of being humiliated, beaten, bound and it is associated feature of the disorder so you should understand all the effect by sexual masochism.


It is a little difficult to understand where sexual masculinity originated, but the use of sexual masculinity is very old, and at the same time there is no universal theory to understand it, which can explain it completely. But there are some theories that may try to explain the presence of paraphilia, one of them believing that paraphilia has its origins in believing inappropriate sexual fantasies, and when they are done, a person is in a lot of trouble and excitement. In which some of its needs are fulfilled.

Feminist behavior is more readily associated with sexual behavior because unless you are comfortable you will have a lot of trouble doing something, many people have pointed out another theory that sadomasochistic behavior is a form of escape. Individuals want to break out of fantasies to feel new and different, that childhood trauma such as sexual abuse, or other significant childhood experiences, can later manifest in a paraphilic disorder that can change a lot in your life and You can also learn something good.


When sexual masculine disorder dominates you, you will feel the need to treat them, treatment for masculine disorder usually involves psychotherapy and medicine, because many people feel the need to be treated by psychiatry. it occurs . Most people who suffer from a sexual masculine disorder are normalized by psychotherapy which aims to uncover and work through the underlying cause of the behavior that is causing the crisis or not allowing them to return to normal. Cognitive therapies in psychotherapy include restructuring cognitive distortions and empathy training to improve the way humans suffering with sexual masculine disorder are exposed to all aspects that affect their lifestyle. Cognitive impairments are very effective in eliminating any harmful disorders in restructuring, cognitive-behavioral therapy can help a person learn skills, providing them both support and treatment, many other therapies and imagery. Includes techniques in which individuals imagine themselves in a situation where they experience a negative event to reduce desire Rte so is much less sexual Mrdwad future.

Another form of sexual masculine disorder is to reduce the frequency of erections, with the aim of reducing circulating testosterone levels in the body with the use of drugs, and also using antidepressant drugs to reduce sex drive. can be done. They can tell you doctors and psychiatrists.