What is BDSM mouth gags? What is gagging?

What is BDSM mouth gags? What is gagging?

Gag is a object that used to prevent the opposite partner to speak by blocking their throat and mouth. There are types of gags that used in BDSM play or roleplay. BDSM bondage mouth gags and ball gag are one of most popular type of gags. Some of bondage gags cover partially and some cover mouth completely to preventing the tongue, lips, or jaw.

In roleplay, dominant partner control the submissive partner. Makes them helpless in the form as punishment and humiliation. The use of gags toys in SM play, called as gagging, the choking of mouth with gag.

Gagging enhance the fun who love the humiliation and something new in the SM play like other S&M bondage toys do like BDSM strap on, bondage handcuffs, sex whip, erotic spanking toys.

Types of BDSM gags toys?

Types of BDSM gags toys?

Let's know about different types of gags that you can try in your SM play.

Ball gag

Ball gags is sphere ball with straps that goes around the mouth. Ball gags are made by rubber or silicone. It covers the submissive partner's mouth completely. Ball gags are usually available in 1-2 inch in diameter, but you can find other sizes too. The purpose of using mouth gags is more to humiliation then to keep things silence. You can use such gag in hardcore bondage play.

Bit gag

Bit gag has a bar instead of ball. These mouth gags are similar like a bit used in bridle for horse. Te bar of gag can be made by soft material or hard material. You can find your one play. For light bondage play, go with soft material in bar. It prevent speech power in submissive partner and highly used for this purpose.

Butterfly Gags

Butterfly gags looks like butterfly wings shape. It is inflatable type of gags. It is totally different then the common gags toys. Wing shaped part is connected to the bulb that use to pump the sir in wing. You can adjust the size of gags by pumping or inflating the butterfly gag. It is hard to keep the butterfly gag in the mouth and recommended only for experts. But SM partner can know the true meaning of what is bondage?

Forniphilic gag

Forniphilic gag are ring gags. It become a mounting point for other devices. It gives a absolutely BDSM humiliation play. Its unique design allow various item in mouth with gagging like dildo, vibrator, even penis and other house holding toys as well. The choice is yours. You can enhance the fun of gagging with rope bondage. Tie partner hands and legs for increase restriction.

Cleave gag

Cleave gags is one of basic gag way. Dominant use scarf and piece of cloth to tie and restrict the submissive from speak. Scarf is tied behind the head with held between the jaws. Cleave gag is one of gag way that is easy to procure and use. Cleave gag is include in male bondage and female bondage toys.

Precaution to use gag in Bondage play?

Precaution to use gag in Bondage play?

If you are thinking to add gagging in your next SM play with partner then you should know about thee precaution.

• In cleave gag you will use scarf or any other piece of cloth, then try to keep it little moisture. Totally dryness can cause dryness and rashes in mouth and possibly chokes.

• Never ever leave your submissive partner or gagged partner alone in the room.

• You should find gag that is fit. Our jaw id related to ears and brain. The lose gag can cause faint and temporary lose hearing or jaw joint can hurt.

• It is good to fix the safe word or safe sign to acknowledge your by submissive partner when he/she is unable to speaking. It is essential and you should keep it on priority.

• You should clean gag with germicide or anti-bacterial soap. It keep your healthy. If you have leather gag, wash it and well dry it.

• It is ideal to use duct tape around the head to avoid rashes.

• While gagging, make sure nose is clear. It doesn't block and submissive is comfortable with tying.