What is erotic spanking? Why it is popular in SM play?

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Spanking is a act of spank and slap another partner's body. Erotic spanking is spanking to another partner for sexual gratification. Erotic spanking leads to sexual arousal for both partners. Spanking can be done by open hand or you use spanking toy called spanker. Spanker is flat in structure and made by body safe material like leather, rubber, plastic, etc. Spankers are included in male bondage, female bondage. Spanking is highly enjoyed by the one who find pleasure in pain. Spanking is best way to implement in the foreplay with partner. It is something new that you can try in foreplay before sexual intercourse.

Pain is sexy for some peoples and humiliation in one of type in BDSM bondage play. It is popular in SM play because the combination of pain and pleasure can bring an incredible orgasm. Spanking on the sensitive skin can activate the sensitive nerve ends, that are close to the your intensely sensitive genitals. You can accompany your SM play with spanking in many form like age play, foreplay, oral sex, bondageplay, etc.

Before begin your erotic spanking play on submissive partner, you should talk to your partner first. If he/she is ready to spanked, go for it. It is ideal to pre-fixed some of safe word because of safety. You submissive partner will let you know with safe word that spanking is too hard or feeling extreme pain. Spanking is about the bearable pain only where partner's nerve end feel arouse. Not to hurt him/her body that it cause extreme pain to them. You should be carefully and do not go with flow and increase the level and power of spanking on submissive partner.

How to spank partner in most erotic way?

How to spank partner in most erotic way?

If you are beginner in spanking, then follow this way. You or your partner is lie down in such position where his/her bum is clearly expose. Bum are best place to spank by hand or spankers. You can take position, lie down on partner's lap with their font or you can use chair. Begin with little and slow smacks with hands first. Observe partner reaction and expression with slow spank with hand. Later try spankers & sex whip, it is your first time so do not spank too hard. Little spank can be painful for your beginner partner. Take time and give time to feel the erotic pleasure with pain.

You should spank on the lower body only, the butts, thighs are fleshy areas and comfortable areas to spank. Give it a good work-out with kneading and squeezing. Being stimulate their genital to feel the erotic play. Massage their spanked areas and erogenous zones.

If you are not beginners, then you are aware of how to use spankers in SM play. But how you can enhance the pleasure with regular spanking session. You can try other bondage toys with spankers to make it pleasure and exciting. Rope bondage, BDSM strap on, bondage handcuffs, and light bondage toys like nipple clamps (nipple bondage toys) toys you can use in spanking play.

Recommended spankers?

Recommended spankers?

WSome of recommend s&m bondage spanker for your SM play.

TOKYO Girl Honey Spanking Pink

TOKYO Girl Honey Spanking Pink is pink color spanker from SexToys-India. It is made by leather means it is body safe for all skin type. TOKYO Girl Honey Spanking Pink is one of best spanker in Japan. It is manufactured in Japan and have capacity to give an amazing SM play to the partners. Beginner and expert can use it without any issue.

Fetish Fantasy Textured Rubber Paddle in Black

Fetish Fantasy Textured Rubber Paddle in Black from Simpli Pleasure. It is rubber made spanker and have bumps on it. It is good for hardcore bondage play because it has rough texture and deliver rough hit to the body. It's unique texture make it special and highly selling spanker of the site. It is available in reasonable prices.