What is chastity device for men?

What is chastity device for men?

Chastity device is BDSM sex toys because these are provide adventurer sexual activity for men. Most of the people who are interested in BDSM play they are use chastity device for better experience. It’s a device worn around shaft and head of the penis of men – usually held in place by a testicle ring or a waist harness. Penis becomes erection it is uncomfortable or impossible when device is locked. So when you and your partner agree for use of chastity device then you should do it. When you should use chastity device then you does not do any sexual activity of masturbation and you can wear when you do other activities in daily return.

BDSM sex toys are erotic sex toys because they are providing hard sexual feeling both the partners because they are best sex toy due to their manufacturing of these sex toys. There are many type of BDSM sex toys like Handcuff, blindfold, etc you can use these sex toy with the penis cage. Some other type of chastity device also easily available in the online market. In the online market there are many type of chastity device because some chastity devices have a tube so no need put out while you take wash room.

Why men wear them?

Why men wear them?

We know that Chastity device is a BDSM sex toy because most of the time, these toys are used in BDSM play. Use of BDSM toy with the kind of power exchange taking place. The wearer is giving up their power to whoever is holding the key and making the decisions that why create best environment in both the partners.


Chastity device Provide many type of influence with these kinds of toys is the tease and denial aspect because men wear it and not allow to any sexual activity. By the help of these chastity device men cannot easily stimulate and realise semen, so they are enjoy any moments while do any sexual activity. Today we have many option to control own emotions but chastity device gives more erotic feeling. A chastity cage is a physical object that does the same job while using chastity device.


You can’t have intercourse or masturbate while wearing a chastity device, taking it off and being allowed to experience pleasure with the partner to make the following sex and orgasms more intense especially if your partner makes you wear one for a while. It is best way to avoid sexual activity some time until you get interested in it.


You can feel increased sex drive when you wearing at long time, whether the feeling of doing something naughty or many other reasons, wearing one can sometimes increase arousal and all-around sex drive. It can be as simple as wanting to try something new to shake things up.


Chastity device make you a strong person while in front of the partner because you can control own feeling and reminder of ownership. Men always stimulate according to women activity, but women need some more feeling while have involved any activity. Men should treated as owner and make best environment with the partner he should always reminder of ownership. Don’t take any activity before women’s interest.


Training is meant to encourage good behaviour and discourage bad actions so one must do their job with full support. In BDSM dynamics, punishments, rewards, and withholding are a part of polite training. For this it is necessary to prepare oneself, take control over yourself and do not get excited quickly. Enjoy sexual activity with full treatment of the woman.

What to keep in mind while using it?

What to keep in mind while using it?

Most of the people can avoid this term and so they are feeling physically damage due to penis cage or other chastity device. You should always keep some interaction in your mind while using it for smooth activity. We know those chastity devices are very hard so it may be damage while wearing it or carry on. Most of the partner using chastity device at long time so they feel badly as compare to previous days. Don’t carry any chastity device when you feel uncomfortable otherwise your penis become insensitive and feel very close it. You should always take smooth material made penis cage or any chastity device.

It is not necessary that you cannot start with this further, for this you have to prepare something as it is today. Pleasing your partner. It would be tempting for you to skip this part, get some "enough passes", and jump straight to playing Chastity. You should keep in mind that you should not do such a thing, because of which you have to suffer a lot. Even if you are going for something unforeseen, an ill-fitting cage will result in discomfort as the size varies, but sometimes your mis-selection may harm you. There are some things you should take care of. Flask should be when the erection does not begin nor in the turtle mode when you are cold so take a penis cage of the flower fitting. Some men want to show how big their cock is. Because of this, they carry toys that result in a poorly fitting cage which frustrates them a lot. Take several measurements at different times of the day to measure your penis. You will eventually get your average number from which you can order the correct penis cage.