What is brush play? Good for BDSM play using nipple and clitoris

What is brush play? Good for BDSM play using nipple and clitoris

Today, the popular sex is as popular as it is in different ways, today there are so many different ways that have made your badass sex so great, brush torture is one of the kinky sex plays using a brush that gives you a different Sexual sensual feeling will provide because your partner's brush with those parts can prove to be very erotic. Brush play is popular today as a popular drama which is very popular among women and men around the world, which turns from tickle to teasing feeling and leads to enjoyment so that you can feel very comfortable with your partner. This brush and a combined form of sex play, by which you can easily submerge your partner in your feelings.

When people play SM, it is their priority to use the brush because it is relatively easy for beginners to accept. This play tells you to use brushes as sexual accessories to get a unique pleasure. Brush play is one of the "BDSM" play, which is a sex play that uses a brush and it is made that you can use the brush in a unique way. Brush play when done as an SM play is not only for SM hobbies but also for those who want to get sexual stimulation with a special feeling and want to do it with their partner, It creates a feeling from which you can experience immense happiness. You can choose your different hardness, size and thickness brushes and enjoy the play with the same feeling. We know that brush torture is a play that can taste a sweet sensation that feels like a tickle but can make you so compelled that you can't live without it and want to give complete satisfaction to your partner.

How is brush feeling different

How is brush feeling different

Brush play can give you a unique feeling, just by touch. Picking your partner and rubbing the brush can create erotic feeling for you; brush play gives you a lot of excitement with a different feeling. If someone touches your body with the tip of a brush, you will want to tickle it and you can touch those parts which can be inactive. You will feel sexual pleasure by continuing the erogenous zone with a brush and eventually want to reach orgasm for which your partner is ready.

Some ways to enjoy with brush play

Some ways to enjoy with brush play

Today it has become very easy to play with brush, we have tried to do something below how you can enjoy playing brush with your partner –

On the nipple:

Starting with the nipple can benefit you to a large extent whenever sex begins, it may be good for you to use the nipple torcher as a basic function of brush torture play. The nipples are an extremely sensitive part for women who are sensitive to their weakness and various sensations which the male partner can easily take advantage of. For nipple stimulation, first try to gently trace from the side of the breast with a brush, then gently and slowly rub it into the round shape of the breast as well as the breasts. Now you can suddenly start playing with the nipple while keeping it in a brush aerosol zone and if you do too much, you will get used to it, so you can start nipple partner.

Turning the brush from the back to the lower body:

The brush provides you with tickle and excitement. It is good to blame the front of the body, but it can also be recommended to use a brush from the opponent's back to the lower body which will make you so interested in playing sex that you will be lost in your partner and would like it Now, now is the right time to have sex and will dedicate yourself to your partner. And the activity behind your back cannot be seen by your partner, who experiences something special and tries to get you excited by guessing it.

Starting from the back, you can rub the brush on your partner's bum’s, which will give them so much sensation and excitement that they can get lost in this action by closing the eyes. Your consciousness is focused on that feeling and now you can be eager to have sex with your partner with great pleasure. Try a combination of different techniques such as neck kissing and blaming the brush and try to live your sexual life very well.

Use lotion with brush:

You can use lotion with your brush play and as an item to enjoy sex, you cannot stay away from it, if you want to use lotion for brush play, you can this. Either you just apply lotion on the place that you want to tease in the brush play. Or want to apply to the whole body. This may be a different experience for you, but keeping the sensation under control can definitely make you excited.

After applying lotion, you can gently brush the brush on your body; this is the best tool for you to increase the sensation. The lotion is used because the slickness of the lotion as well as the feeling of good tickling can prove to be very effective for enhancing the sexual pleasure of women, if you apply more lotion, you will not be able to enjoy the brush, so you should use a lot of lotion if you are excited.

For more erotic play insert a brush:

Brush partner you can put the brush in his private parts with the consent of your partner, by doing this your partner will be able to get orgasms, but some women have the desire to put something other than sex in their genitals, but if you want to do this then you are open to do so.