Why people wear them

Why people wear them

Today we are going to delve into the joys and pains of male chastity devices aka chastity cages. The chastity belt is a sex toy worn around the shaft and head of the penis which is usually due to the hardness of the testicle ring or groin as its use covers the penis. Once, the device locks up, and any form of construction becomes uncomfortable or impossible.

Most of the time, these toys are used in BDSM play - with some sort of power exchange taking place, the wearer partner being polite and the key holding the Dominant using his power is the decision that he makes.


In a BDSM activity, one partner may experience occasional sexual arousal and an increase in nearby sex drive due to a feeling of humiliation, withdrawal, or various other reasons. It can be as simple and unique as trying something new to spice up or move things as your partner can do it based on their belief.


BDSM dynamics or the movements in BDSM such as punishments, rewards and withholding are a part of polite training that you will have to go through at some time, the purpose of the training is to encourage good behaviour and discourage bad actions that will make you a better BDSM user can be made by this.


The biggest influence in toys with toys is teasing and denial as this increases excitement in you and your partner. During the game, the tension quickly increases knowing that there is nothing you can really do or how to do something about it. As we know most people take great pleasure in influencing that moment rather than running to orgasm.

When both of you are at work, you can send a naughty message and all you can do is smile, bite your lips and wait for you to come home, a chastity cage is a physical item that is the same Works but in a slightly strogh way.

Reminds ownership

SM is a sex tool in the expansion of relationship and chastity play that states your ownership and the Dominant has control over their body or sexual pleasure as you wish, to put it simply, your dick is mine and I'm closing it .

What is the SSSC rule and why people have to remember it during the use of chastity?

What is the SSSC rule and why people have to remember it during the use of chastity?

With any level of BDSM, this rule is important for both the Doms and the Sub to play in a safe and consensual manner as it is helpful in your presence and absence.

You should resort to safe words while repeating some of the mess; Doms are the responsibility of everyone to ensure a fun, enjoyable or growing experience in a safe environment.

To understand you we can describe some physical effects, when you will wear your device for a week and your Dome is out of town for a few days, it is a physical hazard or a situation in which a cage is caught while wearing. On the go, real life can feel emotional and dangerous. With reason, a simple text of your secure word should be enough for any DOM to provide you with immediate freedom from your device to help you cope with the trouble.



When you are selecting your ring, be careful that it should fit around the base of your scrotum and penis, so that it does not hurt. One thing to note is that this purity is game and that cock and balls are not targets for torture. It is very loose and does not stay on it. Too tight and you may run into circulation problems.

Your penis length and diameter should adjust your penis adequately, very rarely, and this will cause unnecessary discomfort so proper fitting is very important. Too long and you have an erection. Also, urination will be a disaster.