Who handcuff sex position better play

Who handcuff sex position better play

We know that technology has given many things which make our life better. But when you are talking about the sex then you take it very old because many people are know the sex is an activity and doing very day and get happiness, but some people take sex activity like enjoyment and doing this full effort and take pleasure and enjoyment with great feelings. So you need some next level sex or advance sexual activity with the BDSM sex toy, now we are discussing about handcuff and sex position with the handcuff. Handcuffs are BDSM sex toy which is provide bondage feeling with the partner.

Wearing handcuffs can be a way of bracing and the handcuffs are also used very easily in partner play, handcuffs are considered to be very good sex toys and you use handcuffs while sitting in your seat. Must have seen the person wearing handcuffs in your hands is very sexy and the person with the face is unable to control himself and it is very important to prepare himself or his partner. The handcuff allows one to tap into their body sexually and let go without worrying about someone else's enjoyment but their own. Now we talk about having sex positions with handcuffs. We have often seen that people use handcuff only on buds and chairs which can be old fashioned, so in your life, you should use handcuffs with different sex positions which will teach you to live full satisfaction and life. Will tell that you too can give happiness and can take happiness by the help of handcuff sex positions.

4 Kinky Handcuff Sex Positions

4 Kinky Handcuff Sex Positions

Handcuffs are a sex toy that can be used with partners in different sex positions for greater pleasure and enjoyment; we are discussing about some sex positions that she is doing with handcuffs. Through these sex positions we are given the best foreplay as well as the best confidence and make your relationship stronger. Some sex positions are –

Queening in Bondage:

Queening is the best sex position in bondage sex positions because both partners enjoy a lot. The submissive partner is at the bottom of this sex position. It is used for foreplay with a sex position partner. Queening is also known as sitting on his face, 'so this is an oral sex position. The woman also gets her partner's beautiful cocks which are possible by this sex position. The man's wrist is tied over his head by handcuffs, all you have to do is not to put weight on your partner and leave him free to lick. Most of the couples are like this position when they are free and find ultimate enjoyment with each other.

The Missionary sex position:

Most of the people like this sex position when they are need stress free sexual activity and pleasure with each other. Both partners lie face to face like each other and one hand is tied with handcuffs and the other partner is up, the person at the receiving end is tilting his back, hands upwards. The main person is at the top, maybe you can justify your partner by resorting to dirty talk. Such persons who already love the missionary position know its joy. This sex position becomes very attractive with handcuffs. Exposes the head and bound breasts on the hands and may be a good attempt to seduce the partner.

Standing Room Only:

This sex position gives a very attractive experience with handcuffs as the boys and girls are able to see each other in a very good way. Find a place to adopt this, such as a hook against the wall, where you can handcuff your partner's arms while standing as this position allows both to have the feeling of standing and having sex. Restrain both hands above your head and tell your partner to move your hands without moving, now that you are ready to get this position, it will be read as if living for a while So that your partner can move through your vagina and your penis. Standing and having sex is a different experience in itself, but to complete sex, you have to tell your ability. To get in control, touch your people and tie a blindfold and play with different sensations. To increase your and your partner's excitement, slowly kiss your partner on the lips, then slowly going down and caressing your partner's nipples with your lips and hands will be very attractive for you. To make your sex more enthralling, candle warm oil, ice cubes or wet kisses can all be done to increase your partner's sexual arousal.

Hands Behind Ankles:

To perform this sex position that coincides with the bondage sex position, you need to lie down on the floor or bed with your stomach, then raise your legs up and then bend the legs back and then handcuffs are tied like this The legs and hands did not break the contact. Now you can lie behind your partner and ask your partner to perform sexual activity from behind. This position can reach the clitoris very easily and allows your penis to penetrate completely. This opens up your hip flexor muscles and provides a great and very stimulating stretch that allows you and your partner to find the Pleasure. This type of sex position provides complete pleasure and gets their orgasms easily.